Mobile Tea is a community-driven event focused on passions for mobile development, good music, and networking. The main technologies we discuss are: iOS, mobile web, Android, wearables, WebRTC, virtualization, etc. Every event is a party where people share, discuss, and connect in a friendly environment of tech lovers. We strongly believe that technology, music, and programming are an indelible combination that should not be diluted by marketing propaganda. If you have a suggestion or you want to sponsor or speak at one of our events, feel free to contact us - anytime!

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Mobile Tea/Meetup /Scotch Streaming and Scaling


Scotch Streaming and Scaling

Wednesday, February 11th from 6pm until late at Wistia Inc. in Cambridge, we will be hosting the “Scotch Streaming and Scaling” event, an evening event of knowledge and networking for anyone interested in streaming, scaling and mobile development. Participation is “free as in beer” and will consist of 5 keynote speakers interspersed with 5 sessions of live DJ’d music and hors d’oeuvres. The meeting is powered by McGraw Hill Education in Boston!
A shuttle service will operate from the Central T Station to the location since 5:30 PM.

Each of the 5 presentations will last 20 minutes, and the networking sessions will be 15 minutes each with live DJ’d music and some fantastic “scotch party” style food and drink.  Scotch will be served neat or as a cocktail all the night, be prepared for an informal atmosphere and bring your passion for all things development!

The music selection will be done by Jonathan Barton @jellyfishtree!

The event is organized in collaboration with the Boston Software Engineers  and with the WebRTC Boston  meetups!

Event Program and additional info on meetup.com/mobiletea.

Written By: Lucy Monahan

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