Mobile Tea is a community-driven event focused on passions for mobile development, good music, and networking. The main technologies we discuss are: iOS, mobile web, Android, wearables, WebRTC, virtualization, etc. Every event is a party where people share, discuss, and connect in a friendly environment of tech lovers. We strongly believe that technology, music, and programming are an indelible combination that should not be diluted by marketing propaganda. If you have a suggestion or you want to sponsor or speak at one of our events, feel free to contact us - anytime!

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Mobile Tea/Meetup /Test First or Die! (TFoD)


Test First or Die! (TFoD)

On Wednesday,Ā March 9thĀ starting atĀ 6:00, the MobileTea meetup and MassTLC willĀ present the 9th edition of MobileTea. This evening event consists of knowledge and networking for anyone interested inTest Driven DevelopmentĀ for mobile developers from a general introduction to cutting practices for iOS, Android and mobile friendly API.

Participation is ā€œfree as in beerā€ and consists of 5 keynote speakers interspersed with 4 networking sessions that include live DJā€™d music and hors d’oeuvres.

Presentations will vary from 20 to 40 minutes and are followed by 15 minutes of networking. Ā Be prepared for an informal atmosphere, great food and drink. Ā Bring your passion for all things development, we look forward to meeting you!

Performing live: Subway DJ @Subway_DJ
Mixologist: Chris Allen (Red5 Pro)

Event ProgramĀ and additional info on meetup.com/mobiletea.

Written By: Lucy Monahan

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